Hospital Hill Pharmacy

Compounding & Prescriptions



Hospital Hill Pharmacy provides personalised compounded medication to suit individual needs. Using quality ingredients, we can develop medications which have been suited to you by your doctor, such as specific strengths, flavours, and different forms of readily available products.

Online Prescription Requests

Simply attach a photo of your prescription with a short message including your phone number and any other specific information for your prescriptions and we will call or email you when your prescription is ready to collect. Send any prescriptions to


What easier way than to have your prescription on file at Hospital Hill Pharmacy and send a request through our Medadvisor App. Medadvisor has all of your medications listed with how many repeats you have left of each. If you have a new prescription, attach a photo and we can get that ready for you at the same time. For more information and to sign up to Medadvisor, visit us in store for an easier and more efficient way to keep track of your prescriptions.