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Contemporary Compounding techniques offer the pharmacist the opportunity to become an active participant in the care of patients by efficiently preparing customised medications to meet patients' needs. 

A Compounding Pharmacist can help to improve therapeutic outcomes by solving problems doctors and patients have with allergies to fillers and dyes, palatability, discontinued or unavailable products and dosage forms. 

We can also meet the unique needs of any animal with special dosage forms and flavoured medication. 

Our Compounding Laboratory operates on weekdays other than public holidays. You will need to provide us with a prescription before we can compound for you. 

We are proud members of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia. 

MEDSCHECK and Diabetes MedsCheck

A MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck are services funded by the Australian Government. It involves one-on-one time with your Pharmacist, in the Pharmacy, to discuss all you medicines. There is no cost to the patient. A MedsCheck will help you better manage your medicines. Many people are helped buy having a MedsCheck as it can increase your confidence in using your medicines. It can also reduce the risk of an avoidable trip to the hospital.


Our staff are well trained in the practice of ear piercing for customers aged 5 years and older. 

Single ear pierce: $15.00

Double ear pierce: $19.95
service does not include earrings & spray.

Call us today to make an appointment.


We use an Omron Blood Pressure machine to accurately record your readings in store. Simply come in and take a seat. We also can record your reading for you and compile a report that you can take to your Doctor.


The Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program is a flexible, 3-phase program that offers the health benefits of a low GI diet, while helping you to change your relationship with food.

On the program you will learn to balance weight loss with the foods you love, while learning healthy new habits for life. E.g. eating low GI foods, including sufficient protein, healthy fats, fibre and snacks. You will be eating a variety of Tony Ferguson Meals (shakes, soups and bars), low GI meals and snacks each day.  


Want to measure or weigh your baby? Come in and see our helpful staff and they will assist you any time of the day.

Having a baby or recently became a new mother? We can offer you a complimentary bounty bag, which is filled with products and plenty of information for parents and bub.